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I select Vikhrs and turn on the Shkval. I set the TD box for 10 meters (average size for an armored vehicle) and I lock up a launcher vehicle. I make sure I'm within firing range then I turn on my laser. I only have 60 seconds before the laser overheats (and shuts off) so I have to time my attack precisely. LA pops up on the HUD and on the Shkval so I know I'm ok to fire. Vikhr away.






The Vikhr spirals towards it's target, leaving a telltale smoke trail.




I ran the laser on the last run till it automatically shut off (to prevent burning it out) and with this quick turn around it may not have cooled well enough to give me another 60 seconds. There's one soft skinned vehicle left in the target area and I turn on the laser and fire a Vikhr. The laser shuts down (LR starts blinking in the HUD) and my Vikhr is blind. It explodes harmlessly in the surf.




Beagle runs in to take out the remaining vehicles and launchers. When it's all said and done nothing survives our attack.




Having climbed back to altitude I fly over the target area, pure carnage! Beagle tells me to break right as tracers fly past my aircraft. There are 3 Molniya patrol boats heading towards the target area at full speed and they're firing their A/A guns at us.




I change my TD box size to 60 meters and lock my Shkval on one of the Molniyas.




My laser has cooled down so I wait till I'm in range and I turn it on. I fire four Vikhrs as quickly as I can pull the trigger.






All four Vikhrs hit within 3 seconds of each other.






I have no idea how much damage I've done to the Molniya, but I feel better that I damaged him. I don't take kindly to being shot at and this is my way of expressing myself. ;) I'm Winchester so I tell Beagle to form up and I jettison the launcher tubes as I climb back to altitude for the ride home.




The flight home was uneventful, as AWACS called us clear all the way home. Looks like the German Migs and Phantoms did a great job on CAP. Beagle and I fly to intercept the glideslope as we approach final. Flaps and gear down and locked.




Touchdown and chutes deployed, it doesn't get any better than this. No holes in the a/c and cold beer waiting for me in the O-Club.



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