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3Ds Max Exporter Notes

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Hi guys,


I'm just beginning to learn 3ds max and am hoping to contribute very soon, but because I'm a single full-time dad this will all be a time-consuming W.I.P.


BTW, I know AC3D in-and-out so 3D modelling skills aren't an issue.


I've read ThirdWire's 3D Studio MAX Exporter Notes and gathered several (countless) Gmax & 3Ds MAX tutorials from the net. My question (ATM), regards Shader Basic Parameters. In the 'Notes' it states "Shader type should be set to Blinn". ...not sure what Blinn means or where to change settings.


Any help would be appreciated...thanks!





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Guest capun

I don't have 3DS Max up and running but I'll try to lead you to the place to check.


Fire up 3DS Max and bring up the Material Editor.

Select a material, depending on your set-up you will see from 6 to 24 boxes with spheres inside.

Look below the boxes, past the icons, on the left side of it.

You'll see a Shader type. I think by default 3DS Max9 sets them to Blinn. There are other options but the other common shader used is Phong.

Be sure that it is set to Blinn otherwise you will have problems with your model.


Hope it helps

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hey Recon3 , Great to hear you gonna model in max for FE, loved the work you & Flyxwire did for SDOE FS-ww1

hope you get up to speed with max soon m8,

Have you downloaded the Wings of War max files from polovskis site

they might be useful to you

cheers m8

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Thanks Capun, found it and yes, it is default. also found the short-cut button on the tool bar. Thanks for your help! Cheers!!


Hi Gambit, glad you enjoyed the FSWW1 stuff! Yes, I've seen the WoW models but I'm going to make my own.

Hopefully I'll have something to show before Christmas :biggrin:




Edited by Recon3

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