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  1. New Aircraft

    looking great Geezer I wonder what Stephen1918 is up too on the 3D front a new Pup or Tripe would be Great
  2. New Aircraft

    very cool now all we need is the rest of the A teams faces LOL
  3. First eagles 2 re- download

    same here bought FE2 ages ago from my UK email address & the code is going to it , But im in Spain now and cannot access that account anymore to retrieve the code ! no reply from ThireWire SUPPORT and now i just got windows 10 64 bit so FE1 dont work either ! so cant finish any skinning !
  4. New Aircraft

    loved the film hated the Loz! Great work geezer
  5. New Aircraft

    like great m8
  6. New Aircraft

    was gonna say cant wait 2 skin it but looks like there's no need u got it covered
  7. New Aircraft

    looks great !! love the wings
  8. New Aircraft

    wow very cool thx
  9. New Aircraft

    very nice wings look great
  10. New Aircraft

    whats that terrain in the last pic ? i like the trees a lot
  11. New Aircraft

    wow wicked Geezer !! great stuff

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