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610 Squadron Spitfire Mk.1A Skin

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File Name: 610 Squadron Spitfire Mk.1A Skin

File Submitter: Wrench

File Submitted: 16 Sep 2007

File Category: Spitfire Mk V


Spitfire 1A 610 Squadron skin for SF/ WoV/WoE Battle of Britian or ETO/SWOTL intalls:


This skin represents Spitfire Mk.1A from 610 Squadron, RAF, during the Battle of Britian.


This is a newer skin with enhanced panel and rivet lines, scuffing, wear and tear and general dirtiness. I've also tried as best I could to match the FS numbers for the color schemes. It has new Squadron Codes, individual aircraft letters, and serial numbers for about 26-30 aircraft (serials only - letter codes only go A-Z). The serials are actual numbers for Mk.1s, but I haven't been able to find a reference as to which prefix set was used by 610 Sqdn (although they were probably early number series). So, these are 'best guess'. (if anyone is interested in the source, it's from "Modellers Datafile #3: Spitfire Part 1: Merlin Powered" - which is a SUPERB reference work!!!)


I created this skin for the simple reason that I wanted something to match the Nicholas Trudigan painting "Their Finest Hour", which I used as the loading screen for the Spit 1A. It always bothered me that NO one has ever thought to create it.


I've also included the gunsight upgrade, switching over from the original unit, to the Pappa Romeo, EAW-converted RAF Mk.2 reflector type (with undying thanks to MoonJumper for finding these, and pointing me to them!)


Full, detailed instructions in the enclosed readme -- so read the cursed thing!!!! :ok:


Happy Hunting!


Kevin Stein


Click here to download this file

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Wrench -


Beautiful work :good:


Thank you :biggrin:


(Cracks fingers) You guys just won't let me rest (time for BoB v0.61) :blink:


As for your ETO Tomahawks - where are they, sir!?!?!


But first, I'm off to the MTO - there is something on my hard-drive I have to get out there - Wrench, you completed the 112 Sharkmouth Sqdn ensemble - the least I can do is justice!


Cheers mate,



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The MTO RAF/SAAF Tomahawks are either here at CA or my site or BOTH!!! I think the 112 here is the latest, updated version with the new panel, rivets, weathering, etc.


If you all look at the screenshot; I've included it in the zip, you see the lead plane is E, and the #3 & 4 fellows are L, B...just like in the painting. My little tribute :ok:


As for the ETO/BoB version of the Tomahawk, I can't get my brain functioning enough to write the 'Fictional Historical Notes" (my wife thinks that sooo funny!). Might release it without ... unless I can get my head and ass and fingers wired together (little mental strain thinking about tommorrow...)

I do, however, have a new 50 gallon drop tank for use by the RAF Tommy, and it looks good on the Mk.2 and up Hurri's too. Moddied from the 52 gallon IJAAF one from our Tony. It also has vitrual bomb rack for 2 100# bombs. (all this based on researched info, mostly from the Sqad/Signal "P-40 In Action"). All of 3 paragraphs on RAF usage in England.


My estimation is this is a Hawk 81A-3, with the bomb rack and drop tank provisions; the book even said the P-40B's used them but I've never seen photographic proof.


Like I said, if I can get it together, a few days at most. If not, a few days at most. The aircraft is ready to go otherwise. It'll be complete, MINUS the lod file, as per Wolf's wishes. It WILL come with everything BUT that. Even has a ring-bead sight for your no-cockpit view. (also included in the 112 skin set, btw)



kevin stein

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