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Update for Kesselbrut's Infantry Pack?

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Is there any update for the infantry pack around to make it work with the current patchlevel of WoV? I placed the following files in Objects\GroundObject\NVA:

  • NVA_Squad.INI
  • NVA_Squad_DATA.INI
  • platoon.LOD
  • Soldier_destroyed.bmp
  • squad_destoyed.LOD
  • Team_destroyed.LOD
  • weapons.bmp

Is there anything missing? Is a TextureSet mandatory?

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Did you edit the NVA_Squad.ini to update it to SP4 level, as below:



ObjectFullName=NVA Infantry



This is covered in the "Ground Object Format Update" in the KB (unfortuantely, now on page 2!!!)


Also, in the General Discussion Forum on my Filling The Blanks: Ground Objects sticky, the very first post, near the bottom.


Just a reminder, double check all pre-SP4 object's main ini (ie: MyPimpedRide.ini) to make sure it's been updated. I did the update for Pasko's SAMs and Vehicle Pak (both Desert & Euro Green), I know Kesselbrut's vehicles are are updated.


And just like aircraft, the folder name must match the ini name (and vice versa)


so...your folder should be: (I'm using the Soviet Squad as an example, cause I can't find my NVA one!)




in the folder you'll need





SOVIETGUNNER.bmp (a stock bmp, in the objects cat)






and mine has 2 OUT files, that don't mean anything except to 3d guys (since we're not decaling the troops!! -- but that COULD be possible!)

A textureset.ini is NOT needed, if all the bits are in the main folder. If there are 2 or more skins, you'll need seperate folders, each with a textureset.ini. (ie: desert or Euro skinned vehicles)


Also, be it know that ther are some issues with the destroyed/damaged models...when I was updating the DS & Iran/Irak groundobjects, they tended to disappear with destroyed, rather than having the mangled, bloody bodies laying around.

You can change the destroyed effect pointer in the data ini:





DestroyedEffect=VehicleFireEffect <--this one works nicely!





Being the rather twisted individual that I am, it'd be nice to have the bodies lying around, with the smoke and flames issuing forth....


I'll have to re-download the NVA dudes, and re-check my edits.

(before I took on the Weapons Tweeks, all I did was maintian/update/check all new ground objects)



kevin stein

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I'm not sure what I really changed, but it works now:




I probably made an error in the targets.ini or types.ini rather than the infantry pack.

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