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New AA 1.9 Coming Soon

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Ok, the next version is coming soon....and it's so awesome they have to skip a whole version and go from 1.7 to 1.9. This is sweet news:


Here is the latest news for the new edition of AA, taken from the AAO Tracker Page and www.americasarmy.com, written by [GA]Homey  


sorry for the length of this, but it tells all the new updates in the game!!  



Written by [GA]Homey, 04.07.2003 at 13:20.  

Alright troops!  


Here’s the intelligence report you’ve been waiting for: info on the upcoming version.  

So gather 'round, take a knee, and listen up: here’s your SITREP. Bottom-line: this upcoming version has so many additional features that they had to jump an entire version number and call it v1.9. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what we having coming down the pipe and I think you’ll agree that this new update is the Mother Of All Updates!  


New Character Class:  

This new update introduces a new MOS: combat medic (91W). And true to U.S. Army form, with this new MOS comes the required training. Hooah! That’s right – this update comes with 4 different medical training courses, culminating in a field test where you put your newly-acquired medical skills to work! If you pass these training courses, you get to play the role of combat medic online and administer first aid to your troops in the field.  


New Damage Model:  

Under this new model, each bullet carries with it maximum potential damage. When injured, only a portion of damage is initially inflicted, growing more severe over time (i.e. blood loss, decreased combat effectiveness, etc).  


New Missions:  

Not only do you get the 4 single-player training missions above, but a new multiplayer map is introduced: Mountain Pass, Second Edition.  


New Interface:  

The in-game interface has been totally overhauled, presenting not only a sleeker look, but offering more functionality. Expect to see new features added to this interface over time.  


New Character Models:  

All characters have been replaced with higher resolution models and textures and new animations (including facial animations and lip syncing).  


New Anti-cheating Measures:  

Punkbuster! Effective v.1.9, all US Army Official servers will run Punkbuster Anti-Cheat software .  


Other stuff:  

player shadows (low & high detail), a new theme song, and so much more!  


Trust me when I say this mega-update is gonna be well worth the wait! Keep your eyes out for v.1.9 coming later this month!  


by Bacchus  


Source: www.americasarmy.com

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OK....Our resident beta tester has just posted some public information that I thought I would share here. There are 2 great movies of the development of expansions for AA by the devs themselves.


Check out these official movies with scenes from the new sfscar special forces map.  








I just watched the movie Blackhawk Down for the first time on friday & the new sfscar map is uncanny how realistic it looks.  



The videos were just shown over at E3 and are now on the AA website...There great!




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