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Figured this didn't quite fit in the Tactical Sims/FPS forum...too serious in there...


Been playing Portal and having a blast. Yep, it's short, but the gameplay is interesting. Being able to chase yourself is just weird...


Though Prey did it first (and had variable gravity), you never really got to take advantage of it. I think Portal does a better job of taking advantage of the system, and using momentum ... in fact, your understanding of momentum carry through is critical to progress in some parts.


Just started HL2:EP2, and looking forward to finishing it...then playing it again with commentary.


A note about commentary. The more games I play that have it, the more I think it's crucial to future games. It's interesting to see how design decisions get made...and just how HARD it is to nail that 'fun' factor. Even TF2 has commentary which is great.


I get the feeling I would really enjoy TF2...if the FPS world wasn't full of 'tards. Anyone know a group who likes to play TF2 just for fun without being full of smack talking 10 year olds?


Finally, I wouldn't consider The Orange Box a deal at 48.95, but at 28.95 (with no tax) it was pretty hard to pass up. The upshot? I now have the ability to give HL2 and HL2:EP1 away.



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I'm just going to get Ep 2, but I'm waiting for the price to drop below $30.


I loved the commentary in Lost Coast and Ep 1, very good info there. For DVD buffs like me that listen to all the commentaries it's great.


I do admit I've only listened to 2 of the 4 on the LOTR extended editions, though!

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