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Does anybody knows Search&Rescue series?

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Well ive just accquired a couple of games from Interactive Vision called Search and Rescue 4 and Vietnam Medevac and im quite amazed with this series!

Alright its an old game, i know, but i liked especially the chopper control and the variety of missions (in spite of boring if you play a lot)...

Did anbody play these games? and what did you think of it?



Ps- Is it modding friedly? :biggrin:

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They are excellent helicopter sims, but I alway find myself playing something else.


I am not sure I have heard of any mods. I'll have to re-install and poke around a bit to see if they lend themselves to that.


They did some good stuff to overcome the problems with flying a helicopter with only a monitor as your window to the world. The "DOWN" view and auto-hover can be a real help when landing.


They also put out an Apache sim that, while good in the FM dept, was kind of an arcade game in terms of weapons and missions. Again, nothing really compelling about the title to bring me back to it.

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Yes, i have the apache also but it lacks of depth in the weapons though...

Ive also got in the package "REd JEts"...nice enviromental (clouds etc...) but a very weak game...

The S&D is really appealing because its diferent.

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