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A question on AttachmentType

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At the moment the values of AttachmentType are static, limiting our freedom to assign weapons and forcing to adopt arbitrary conventions to categorize weapons.


Does anyone know if this is a restriction of the WeaponEditor (meaning the WeaponEditor prunes the AttachmentType it doesn't know, and that could be solved by modifying only the WeaponEditor or writing a 3rd party one) or of the game engine (meaning the game itself would ignore anything not belonging to one of these AttachmentType).


I searched around for an answer and found none.


A quick look at the WEAPONDATA.DAT suggests it is a game engine limitation as the value seems to be converted to a numerical value.

Even in that case that may not be the end of the story, as the known values might be only part of a larger range, so far unused but potentially recognised by the game engine anyway, potentially adding AttachmentTypes.

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