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Throttle Issue

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I downloaded the demo and I´m having some trouble with the throttle.


Since the MiG-29 and the A-10 are tho eonly flyable planes in the demo it means that both are twin engine planes, which is the source of my troubles.


As soon as I give it a bit of throttle, either the left or the right throttle stick moves to the front while the other one stays in the back. If I throttle down the situation stays the same. This causes the plane to yaw. Obviously this makes the plane very difficult to fly and manouvre, much less fight.


Can anybody help me with this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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In the full version, in the opening screen, you click the OPT button, select INPUT in the option section, select your joystick/controller in the Device dropdown menu, and select the axis switch . You'll see Thrust in the list and make sure that corresponds to the axis on your controller which for my recently aquired X54 Pro is axis 2. I just started playing this game and this threw me initially since I was using Saiteks configuration program and the thrust wasn't working. Forget the demo, buy the full version, you can find LOMAC for rediculously cheap prices on Amazon etc. Then get a Russian language CD to learn the Russian cyrillic alphabet so you can recognise and pronounce the labels :blink: ; I know these can be changed to English before anyone comments.

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