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Bad tattoo day...

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This is too funny!





Tattooist takes Cats fan's request literally


AN inebriated Geelong Cats supporter wanting a permanent reminder of the team's AFL triumph is rueing his decision to get the tattoo done overseas, after the tattooist wrote the team were "Gay Premiers 2007".

In a celebratory trip to Thailand, "Neville", the dyed-in-the-wool Cats fan had 15 cans of beer to ease the pain of the five-and-a-half-hour experience.


He paid $150 for the privilege. And to ensure the Bangkok tattooist got it right, he wrote down exactly what he wanted on his right and left arms, under the headlines "right arm" and "left arm".


The tattooist took him literally.


Now he has "right arm" written on his right arm, just above "Gay Premiers 2007" because the tattooist did "Gay" instead of "Day".


"The left arm says "left arm", "Night Premiers 2006" and my two grandkids names," the man said.

"I couldn't believe it," Neville told Southern Cross radio.


"My son-in-law walked in halfway through it and told me what happened," he said.


"Once they'd written right arm, I told them you might as well have left arm on the other one – and make it a bit fun."

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I remember a while back a young man went into a tattoo parlor asking to have his favorite football (soccer) team tattooed on his back. The artist was a fan of the other team, and tattooed an obscenity of some sort.


I should stop telling that story; my execution sucks. I killed it.

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