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Landing Gear Animations

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I`m making the J-8A,using the default MiG-21MF .inis

But when I test the main gears,I had some problems.

I set all Animations TCB,and linked the geardoors to the wings.But didn`t link the Gears to anything.

And when I fly this plane in the game,I found the parts were placed everywhere.


Can anyone tell me why it seemed like that?

(Each part of the main gear have it`s own animations for the J-8s` Landing gears have complex movements,and I set several keyframes in Frame 1-10 for each mesh,but al last I found that

even the fuselage wasn`t in the right place,you can find that it turned 180 degrees.)


And I also wonder that what is different when I select Decals and No Decals when Exporting the Plane?




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It would appear at the moment that you're getting meshes randomly placed due to a lack of heirachy. In order for the aircraft to look normal, all meshes need to be children of a parent mesh, which is usually the fuselage. See the thirdwire exporter notes here in the Knowledge Base or downloads section for more information.

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Guest capun

Follow bibb's advice, you have to read and re-read the exporter notes. Keep them handy all the time, I do when I have questions.


In your case most likely problems to check


- Only one mesh is the topmost (parent) mesh (also called node), usually the fuselage


- All meshes pivot points must be centered and world aligned, except moving and animated meshes that require specific pivot points


- All meshes must be linked, eventually to the topmost mesh


Decal vs NoDecal export. In a nutshell Decal export avoids the decal bleed but at a cost of a much higher filesize and a corresponding fps drop.

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