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What happened to RB3D - specifically to mine!

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Hi all,


Only discovered this fab site the other day, in a search to find stuff that'd make First Eagles more interesting. Needless to say, I've found quite a lot of stuff on here, and it's all fab. Thank you all for your efforts - I appreciate them.


The thing that is most disappointing about FE is the campaign side. It doesn't seem to be a patch on RB3D. So why aren't I playing RB3D, I hear you ask?


Well, after upgrading my poor old PC running Win2000 to a new one running XP, I was horrified to find that my beloved RB3D wouldn't load. Thinking it was a corrupted CD I bought another copy from a German vendor on Ebay, which *did* load on XP - joy of joys! But. Yes, you've guessed, although I hadn't when I bought it: everything's in German, with which I have but a vestigial knowledge. And the keyboard layout seems to be German too, making it more or less unplayable.


Hence the migration to FE.


My questions. What can I do to get a working (English) version of RB3D that loads on XP? What happened to RB3D generally? I don't lurk much around PC game sites, so I'm a little mystified as to why the makers did bring out an updated version that looked better and flew better.


Sorry if this all seems pretty numptyish/newbyish, and thanks for any replies (particularly those that don't laugh at my inability to spot the bleedin' obvious!





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Try this link. Maybe it'll help with XP issues.


RB3D crashes VERY often on my PC... even with compartibility settings, fixes and various community updates such as Hell's Angels(link) for example.

But I got it to run with cool 3dfx graphics (much better that Software or Direct3D that we have to use now) using this glide wrapper


Just unrar the archive to game's folder and in game chose Glide as renderer.

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I do not know if your an newby on RB topics but if so, check:


http://forums.delphiforums.com/swwisa/start        and also check Western front on Delpi.





Yeah great game still, this RB3D :good: , the developments off the patch are stopped. (HASP, WFP and ROTJ).   :sorry:


Try also OFF its free if you having the CFS3 disk, some smal bugs :dntknw: are in this game, but a nice looks.



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Thanks chaps,


Those sites have been bookmarked, and I'll be perusing them tomorrow.


Am I right in thinking, though, that there isn't an English language version of RB3D that loads under XP? I can hardly believe it. How do other players cope?


This surely can't be the case.


Cheers anyway,



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