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  1. Missing the FC5 as introducing the two waterplanes and the two Russian planes, but its good news they continue the RoF swap into FC.
  2. Think it’s maybe cheaper and less labor intensive, converting all the old RoF planes to FC first, then create a complete new plane from scratch. The uberplanes like the Siemens and Snipe could be the planes every MP is waiting for, but also be a risk, like the Hanriot and the Sikorsky S16.
  3. I’m afraid this plane will not be a big seller for 1C.
  4. BH&H2 and VR

    Could you share that download CFS3 profile link?
  5. BH&H2 and VR

    Thanks, old readings on SimHQ forum and Youtube about WoFF-VR are talking about objects like planes and trees being flat 2D. But it seems that VorpX has been improved to bring more 3D to the surroundings. You are talking about an Cfs3 profile from the cloud, I guess it’s probably some download, could you share that link?
  6. BH&H2 and VR

    I know @Polovski could confirm this better, but I think if UE can run VorpX, then BH&H2 should have no problems either. Now about the VR-3D effects is this on the same level as in real VR flysims like “Battle of Stalingrad” or FS2020, or is it just flat objects in the sky as like an child’s popup book. Do you notice any depth while being in the cockpit, looking at the instruments, plane wings, guns.
  7. BH&H2 and VR

    @oolong, what is Z-Norman and what do you mean by no geometry 3D?
  8. Visiting here for WOFF VR development, I find this, https://www.neowin.net/news/windows-11-update-kb5012643-also-broke-ancient-directx-9-on-certain-gpus/ Who knows its helpful.
  9. BH&H2 and VR

    @Waggaz Please let me know if this VR is working at a decent level, not a mode that its more acting like a TrackIR/monitor on your head and not generating the 3D-VR. As this seems to be case in the Youtube sample. I still miss this this immersive game but I’m hooked on VR, now mainly Assetto Corsa with the roaring ‘20 cars/tracks mods. I do hope one day they can get the real 3D-VR implemented, with or without VorpX, (I gladly pay for additional software) and I’m back. edit dit you try the free route: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dtWNAaVLay8 @Polovski I did read you have also an VR headset (Pimex??) what is your experience in VR with this splendid game. Are there any plans to cope with software like VorpX, as I think its the easiest way for VR implementation?
  10. Because swapping from a GTX1080 to an RTX3070 did give me the opportunity to give it a retry, after an absence from nearly one year. Sorry to say but the WW1 game made by Uglymedia is still a cheap RoF swapjob, fuzzy looking and in VR a weird 3D cockpit look (this is not counting for the WW2 plane sets), while at the highest graphical settings it’s still a VR-shimmer festival and seeing trees doing pirouettes. On the other hand clouds are a great improvement for VR users. Pity because there are a lots of Nvidia stuff and injectors for VR that can really be helpfully. After more then 20y of only combat flysims (mainly WW1) I went to VR race sims and here you see a much better VR implementation. Even the old Assetto Corsa, is with Content Manager/SOL from modders, up to date in graphical eye candy. 1C should not neglect the VR users. But who knows time will solve this, as an outsider like Asobo or a combat flysim studio is using the FS2020 game engine or like Assetto Corsa Competizone the Unreal game engine.
  11. Lots of sales lately, anything going on?
  12. Think that typically for those Russian developers, while Jason is complaining about lack of labor/budget, they are still being prone to spill lots of efforts into minor aspects and small nice to have stuff, while neglecting the hardly needed major aspects totally.
  13. I Think for the tankgame you are right, as its now a bit lonely according to the youtube. Thats btw for me also counting as an potentially buyer, the tankgame looks great in VR only that sterile environment, is a real immersion breaker. While I never understand why spoiling that much effort on two flack vehicles, that little StugIII could be a success. The IAR-80 I guess an project from an modder because I do think this bird is only for an specific group of (Romanian) players and for the 1C fanboys.
  14. It looks finally 1C did introduce the desperate needed cloud upgrade all without much loss of performance. BTW, did the dev also tackle the shimmers and jaggies this game is facing in VR? Think I’m going to ask permission for an abolishment on my forum ban, reinstall BoS again and give it a try.
  15. Finally they doing something to improve the clouds, as I think very much needed even more prior than just another map/plane blabla. What me the most surprised was that this improvement did not enter BoX with an enormous FPS loss. Very good job 1C, who knows I’m going to reinstall the BoX series.

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