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Help! I lost my weapons.

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Ok , I know I'm stupid and I should be able to work this out , but please can someone tell me what I did wrong and how to put it right ( call me a noob too if you like :))


I recently downloaded the latest weapons pack and read the instructions on how to install it , I then left it for a few days and then the other day I tried to do the install. I was sure I followed the instructions carefully but obviously I managed to muck it up because now I have NO weapons at all to use.


I have tried doing a reinstall of the weaps pack to no avail and I have extracted the original weapons data file but again no joy.


The pack seemed to install correctly and I used the weapons editor to merge the 2 data files.


How can I get at least the original weapons back without having to do a full re-install of the game?


Someone save me PLEASE.

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You can delete the pak (ie: the new weapons folder and the gundata ini and gundata.dat, which should have been placed in the /objects folder) and the game should revert back to stock.


Then you can try again


Oh, and afterwards you'll be a needin' to go here:


How To Edit Loadouts for Weapons Pack <--this be a link!


This is in anticipation of the follow on question of "Why don't my MiGs/Su/Tus/etc have any missiles/bombs/rockets/ or other impliments of de-struction"



kevin stein

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Thx for the speedy reply Wrench You're a genius. I deleted the Gun data files then had a look in the weaps folder where I found an Icon for a previous Weapon pack , which I thought was kinda weird but anyway , I reinstalled this one and now everything's fine.

Thanks again.

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