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  1. Tigerskin F-4

  2. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Just some what-if cammo schemes ive been playing with
  3. Bombing in WoFF

    HEHE i started something there didnt i ? Yeah i've tried using external view and its ok and i guess the way to go , Ive since tried the Brisfit with some success but again there are times when I try to change from pilot to gunner and have no joy. Oh well at least the Bris flies like a dream and seems to have plenty in hand when chasing even Alb.DVs , and the gunner in back is comforting tho I havent heard much from him , not so comforting was getting an Alb in my sights and 2 Lewis guns suddenly swung overhead tho at least he didnt fire. Thanks for suggestions all.
  4. Hi all i was just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some tips on bombing in WoFF . I dont usually play 2 seaters but thought id try to see what its like , I chose the DFW because of the bombsight view and in QC I was reasonably successful working out keys and systems etc but in campaign I'm not having much luck , the problem is that frequently i cant change positions at critical times ,e.g. i can't get to bombaimer view as we come to target or cant get back from bomb to gunner. Luckily i'm flying invulnerable so i can try it out and I quite like the gunner but have trouble seeing where rounds are going. Hope someone can help tell me what im doing wrong.
  5. Check Six , try Shift+Ctrl+Q - quick exit then you can check results and go to claim screen. That's what I do anyway.
  6. Font in combat reports

    Wow 'I' had a good idea :) , well a not bad one , no-one's gonna believe it hehe. Yeah I understand about trouble reading fonts I'm knocking on (getting older for non-brits) and my eyes arent so good ( running out of lamp-oil as my old railway friends used to say) but maybe it could be an option. Maybe a straw poll see if theres any backing?
  7. Just thought it might be an idea to use a handwriting type font when filling in combat reports . Is this feasible and how would it be done , any ideas or comments ?
  8. WW1 photo's (unseen)

    My dad was in the army between the wars (he was well into middle age when i was born) and i remember photos he had of officers and men that he served with , also he had a postcard of a Zeppelin fling over my home town Blyth in Northumberland which , though i'm sure it was faked looked very convincing. We also had a salt/pepper shaker in the shape of a Mk1 tank which i managed to smash into a million pieces , I was very unpopular for a while , I guess my Mother threw all this lot away after Dad died and she moved house , shame but thats life. Btw for anyone who doesnt know Blyth was an important Submarine base in both wars.
  9. Dogfight School

    Pretty sure 'Art of the Kill' was on the original Falcon discs, havent watched this but the still looks familiar from all those years ago. I remember it taught me a hell of a lot at the time.
  10. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    A few more , again showing the Jacobs Dr1 over Paris and the rest just random as I try different A/c.
  11. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    A couple of shots from my trip to Paris in QC. I recreated the skin from the old OFF one ( cos i'm tight )
  12. Ok a few days ago i posted that i thought all the German fighters fly like bricks , well oops i was wrong. Since then ive tried out the Dr1 , EIII , DVII and Pfalz DIII and tho they're not all the easiest to handle I have to say that theyre nowhere near as bad as I thought. I now use more rudder than bank in combat and find that this helps a lot . However probably the biggest mistake I was making was not checking power settings when coming out of autopilot , duh what a complete idiot. I had assumed that settings would revert to the joystick well i was wrong. I do wish that trim settings would saty as i left them ( I know some ppl say they shouldnt be used cos the original A/c didnt have them but I use them anyway) So, anyone who may have been put off by my previous post , shouldnt be. I still havent tried the Albs. or the Halberstadt but I'm really pleased that the Pfalz flies so nicely and I still think that the German A/c are outclassed by the allied planes I've tried. So yeah time for some humble pie ( eat crow ) , anyone want a slice?

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