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Roberto Skylord

Just another weapons problem

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Hy guys

Recently I formatted my HD and reinstall the WOE. The sequence of installation was:

WOE, SP4, WeaponsPack (latest), NATO Fighters 1 & 2, F-14 Mirage Factory.

After all this, I manually added the F-14 Fuel Tanks and AIM-54 and it worked ok.

The problem is that my weapons shown in list but when I'll try load it to aircraft, they aren't show up on pylon list.

I already check the loadout inis of the aircraft (stock F-4E) and it seems ok. But I can't load all types of weapons available from the store, only a few weapons types. None AIM-7, Mk82, Mk84 and so on. Even considering that weapons are availables in quantities. :dntknw:

I really search for the solution for this problem (and found a solution to another question :yes: ) but without success. Someone can give a hand? :sorry:

Thanks in advance and sorry my bad english. :blush:

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Because you are not supposed to use the weps pack with NATO Fighters for the 1000th time... :smile: They are not compatible....

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Ooops, sorry. Shame on me. :blush:




No problem.. just giving you a hard time..... :biggrin:

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