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Nwebie questions

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I have 2 questions :


1) any way to brighten up the environment ? It seems a bit too dark. Ground targets are difficult to see visually.


2) is there any way to select our own ground targets (not vehicles, i.e. hangars, fuel tanks, warehouses etc) or are they

already pre programmed into the guidance system ? This is assuming i'm carrying LGB's.


Thanks for you help

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Which game are you talking about?


I'm not sure if you can select any other buildings, but if you load out your a/c with a laser designator pod, you can select and kill other ground targets.

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LGBs will only target the primary. Game engine thingy...


Now, having said that, I HAVE been able to get them to lock a non-assigned secondary, usualy a AA, SAM or SAM radar. But never a building, oil tank, etc, that was NOT the primary target.



kevin stein

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