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UFO model (unfinished)

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UFO model (unfinished)

Dec. 20th, 2007

To the CombatAce community,

This is a selection of files for the 220ft diameter flying saucer that I recently constructed, but do not have the time or experience to fully complete. Please feel free to use and/or improve upon this model and release it with your own skin, flight model, etc. for the rest of the community to download and use. This may not be used in any payware and, if you do post a mod using this, I ask for credit to be given for the original model.


Included are the .lod and shadow files I was using for my basic tests in Wings Over Vietnam, though to most people

they will probably not be that useful: the windows did not appear (texture not assigned?) and I did not do any UV mapping,

so there is no basis for a skin yet.

With that in mind, I am supplying the last 3D Studio MAX 9 file I made ("flyingsaucer-lodready") and an FBX file.

The reference for this UFO model was a diagram from an old 1/48th scale model kit made by Testors, the only real significant

change that I made was the presence of eight windows in four groups instead of six evenly spaced ones on the upper deck.


Thank you and have fun continuing where I left off,


Matt K. (USAAF2)



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