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What is LOMAN?

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Hi, I've returned to the flight-sim arena after many years away and have started playing Lock-On Modern Air Combat: Flaming Cliffs. I watched an incredible video on YouTube showing an absolutely beautiful F-16 Fighting Falcon being flown in Lock-On but, I can't find one in the game.


I keep reading post about something called "LOMAN"? What is this? Is it an add-on piece of software that will allow me to fly the F-16 in Lock-On or simply a utility to apply different paint schemes to the existing jets in the game? If so, where can I find this?


Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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It's a tool to allow easy enabling/disabling of mods for LOMAC. These go from simple skins to far more complex things.


As for where to find it, I know lockonfiles.com must have it, along with many of the mods to go with it. I've not used it myself in ages, so I'm hard pressed to say exactly.

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