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help!help!help!help! Mig21mf rader f*** proplem?

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hi2 all

i have f*** proplem here i cant solveing it and need some help in my mig21mf fishbed-j

rader not working i cant see any target in the rader sceren


what i can do about this f*** problem

im ues WOE

need some help here

i ll wait

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The image below will illustrate what you should see on a MiG-21MF's display while you're lining up a target on radar.


Notice the cross above and to the right of the reticle? That's my target. I need to center it in the reticle.


See the in-range light on the lower left of the display? I need to get the light above that one to illuminate. That will indicate that I've achieved a firing/guiding solution for a SAHM.


See the target acquisition light below the gooseneck for the gun camera prism-housing? That means that the radar has acquired a target.


Just leave your radar on boresight, and let the system handle the acquistion end of things. You'll then only need to fly the cues to help ensure a successful kill.


Not a big deal, as the '21MF was primarily armed with IRMs, anyway.




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Oh, pilot, take it easy :yes:

We will see what is wrong I hope.


This is radar contact on my Mig-21PF (the same for PFM and very similar to MF)



And this is radar lock on target (RP-21 radar can lock on target in boresight mode only!!!)



And this is turned off radar in Mig-21MF



Do you know how to switch between two radar modes? Hit "Page Up" key.

To turn off radar use CTRL + Page Up

If you radar is turned off, use Page Up key to turn on radar and then switch between search mode and boresight mode .

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thikx to all friends

but i need some thing

i want explanation for mig21mf fishbed-j rader secren

i cant understand it well i an i see it so difficulty :blink::dntknw:

need some help here :blush:

and thinkx to all my friends helps me :clapping: :clapping: :clapping::good:


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