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The LOMAC Blue Screen of Death

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Okay now I've got a PC that I ran LOMAC on. It worked for most of the time apart from the occasional Backfire or Seaking that wold go missing or messups regarding Mil helos. Then I got the Blue Screen of death! Now it is obvious then that my rig can't handel LOMAC. But will my rig support WOE? My other PC does.




Oh and on the PC that runs the TW series when I ran LOMAC on it all the aircraft and carriers ended up with haveing black textures and no camo or anything. Whats up with that?

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LOMAC is considerably harder on system resources than the TW series is for the most part. Obviously YMWV depending on your sim settings.


If you can run LOMAC, you will more than likely be able to run WOE on it with higher settings.



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