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Mi-17 Peru

Strike Fighters/Wings Over Vietnam/Wings Over Europe etc Mi-8 and Mi-17 skins readme


All credit for these skins goes to their creators as detailed below. All I've done is to re-format them for SF\WOV\WOE and add a textureSet to each skin.


Not all of the countries for which we have skins are included in the standard NATIONS.ini list, so I've left those as Soviet. It doesn't make any difference to the skins' appearance as there are no decals to worry about. If you have the New Nations mod that includes these missing countries then feel free to modify the relevant TextureSet.



All you need to do is to extract the skin to your Objects\Aircraft\Mi-8 or Mi-17 folder, then go fly and blow up some stuff.


The skins are interchangeable between The A Team's various models of the Mi-8 and Mi-17, including the static model Mi-8T. All you need to do is rename some of the .bmps within the skins folder to the model type you want the skin for.


e.g. if you have a skin for the unarmed Mi-8T that you want to use on an armed Mi-8TV, you will need to rename as follows:


Mi8T-r --------> Mi8TV-r

Mi8T-s --------> Mi8TV-s

Mi8T-t --------> Mi8TV-t


Thanks must go to the A Team for making the Mi-8 & Mi-17 for SF\WOV\WOE and especially to Capun for all of his help, Vladimir Zhyhulskiy for the FS2004 Mi-8 and original textures, and of course TK for giving us these great sims to play with.


This skin is based on Mike Pearson's textures and converted with his kind permission.


Enjoy, and good hunting




ps You can use these skins in any mods, campaigns etc, but please name check me and the original skinners in your credits as a courtesy. Thanks


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