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Target Flanders: Report to the Community

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Posted by Vlasov at WWI Officers Club:


"Target Flanders is making some excellent progress. We have now completed our initial plane set, which concentrates on Summer 1915. We have a Fokker EIII, two Vickers FB5 gunbus (one Vickers armed and one Lewis armed), a BE2c (with optional pilot's Lewis gun firing at 20 degrees to port), an Albatros BII (with a mauser 98 armed rifleman in the observer's seat) and a Bleriot XI to be used by both sides as a trainer aircraft.


Each aircraft has a variety of possible loadouts which include 20 and 50 lb bombs, stick grenades, Mills Bombs (hand grenades), and a variety of machine guns. Futhermore, the open architecture of the Targetware engine allows individual pilots to quickly and easily create and submit their own individualized loadouts for inclusion on the server.


During the period modeled, aircraft loadout and armament depended heavily on the creativity and ability of individual pilots and crews, and on the materials at hand at any one moment. There was little standardization of armament. The placement of bombs on the aircraft, for example, was almost completely ad hoc. The Target Flanders design reflects this to the fullest possible extent. Just as in summer 1915, Target Flanders pilots are free to experiment and develop the loadouts and placements which work for them and their flying style.


Our little corner of the Western Front is coming along very nicely. We have started with a 20 km stretch which is manned by 72 infantry companies and 18 field artillery batteries on each side. We have a total of 6 divisions in 2 corps on each side of the front, each with an appropriately sized and placed supply dump. With that density of ground forces, don't drop below 2000 feet unless you're sure which side of the lines you're on, or unless you really want that posthumous VC or Orden. Just some friendly advice


The scenario system is still moving in the direction I outlined in previous reports. Each scenario is won or lost by inflicting damage on the enemy on the ground and in the air, by controlling specific sectors of the sky for specified periods of time, and by successfully carrying out air recon missions.


Since the destruction of observation and bombing aircraft fetches a much higher score than that of scouts, and since successful recon and bombing missions are the most highly rewarded activities (especially bombing of the supply net for the British and successful observation for the Germans), dogfighting is only ONE of the things to do in the skies of Target Flanders, and often not the most important. It becomes important only if it furthers the above mentioned aims.


Finally, we have settled on the first aircraft which will be added after Target Flanders enters open beta: The Caudron G4 two engined bomber.


We hope to be able to show a Target Flanders movie very soon. Till next time. "




This sounds like some VERY good and exciting news!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the Beta. :D

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