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JSOW for the TW series

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JSOW for the TW series

Readme for JSOW for SFP1/WOV/WOE (Version 1.0)


********************************* Version 1.0 Original Release ********************************

Version 1.0



Thanks to the following folks:


TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.

Bunyap and Wpnssgt - For the original Weapons Pack.

Mustang - For the great video tutorials.

To my fellow Combatace moderators - For helping me beta test and work out bugs.

Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine.



What you will need first:


Thirdwire Weapons Editor - http://www.thirdwire.com/downloads_tools.htm


Copy of SFP1/WOE/WOV patched to the latest standard (as of 28 Jan 08)



Notes and limitations:


Your aircraft will need to have EOGB on the weapon station in order to be carried. Also, the JSOW is 4 meters long, so you may need to check your weapon station limitations to make sure you can carry it.


The JSOW is a GPS guided glide bomb with about a 75km max range at altitude. It comes in 3 versions - the A model which is a cluster munition, mainly against soft targets, the B model which is anti armor cluster, and the C model which has a 500 lb class explosive warhead.


This is FREEWARE only, NO money is allowed to be made on the contents of these files, in whole or in part.


Feel free to redistribute, as long as the original authors are given appropriate credit.


Questions? Contact me at Combatace.




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Have to say I like this system, and a little test I did, works great for those times you just overfly the target....






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