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AI Capabilities in the ThirdWire Series

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Greetings to everyone and I hope you'll excuse my bad english, I've just downloaded the marvelous AC-47 Spooky Gunship for my WOV install, the plane itself is great, however I recieved a nasty surprise when I ordered my Wingman to attack a truck on an armed recon mission as he attacked the target as if the guns of the plane were pointing forward, not sideways, irremediably missing the target, and he did that in every pass so his chances of getting the kill were zero.



I want to mod the AI of the Spooky in order for the plane to roll ~90° before the attack, to give him a chance of making a kill, but I don't know if this action is possible, I don't know if its possible to target the AC-47 individually and I'm also very new to modding. I've seen some custom made AC's with a data section on it's flight model labeled as "[AI Data]" but I don't know if it's possible to command a half roll before attacking the target trough it, so I would like some advice on editing the AI.


Thanks in advance and I hope I made my self clear.

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Your English is very good, but I think you may have hit a snag.


I am fairly confident that you cannot get AI to make these types of attacks, and the Spooky and Spectre gunships are player only type craft.


I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure it is an engine limitation.

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