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  1. In the 60's and early 70's scenario the MiG-17 is by far my most dreaded adversary, and sadly for me, also my most common adversary. It's sheer manoeuvrability makes it quite formidable as it's extremley hard to get in a good position for either a sidwinder shot or for using the gun. In the late 70's, 80's and 90's ANYTHING that has all aspect IRM's is deadly. I've been shot down by an F-4C armed with AIM-9L while flying a MiG-29. My deadliest adversaries so far in this timeframe are the F-15 if I'm flying for the Red Side, and the MiG-29 if I'm flying for the blue side.
  2. Hello everyone! I've also found another bug in the AGM-88 series and perhaps all the non-stock anti-radiation missiles. There are no defined values for the MinFreq and MaxFreq entries in their data files (They are set both to 0.000000). Without those values the missile can't track any radiation source and simply go dumb. Fixing this is very simple, you just have to define the afromentioned values in the WeaponsEditor, I've given the AGM-88 the values of the AGM-78D (MinFreq= 2.000000, MaxFreq=20.000000) . Please don't be discouraged by these tiny details, the pack itself is awesome.
  3. Hello there! First of all which operating system are you using? If you are on XP the filepath should be My Documents/<User Name>/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2Vietnam/Objects/Aircraft, While on vista you should find a Thirdwire folder on the Saved Games directory. Allways install the game to the default location suggested by the installation program, otherwise the location where your mod folders are supposed to bewon't show up. Now if I rememember correctly, in an unmodded install you'll only have the Objects folder (and another one that I can't remember) in your Saved Games directory, no folders for Flight, Terrains, Effects, etc. You will have to make them as you install mods on your game. If you are new to Thirdwire Gen2 I would highly recomend to read this forum: SF2 Knowledge Base (Click Me) There are very useful guides in there that will help to get you started into addings mods to your game. I hope this was useful.
  4. In the legacy series (I haven´t tested nukes in SF2 yet) there's a very big diference in the destruction radius between an airbrust and a groundbrust, try setting your nuclear weapons to groundbrust (Fuzing Distance = 0) and see what happends. If you have alredy tried that or are still unsatisfied with the result, play with explosive mass values untill you get the desired effect.
  5. The F-4G uses the F-4E_78 Cockpit Model, so if you don't have SF:Europe the cockpit won't show up. If that is the case, you can change the cockpit model in the F-4G_Cockpit. [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=F-4E_78_pit >>>>> F-4E_72_pit
  6. Have you tried disabling all the efects excepting the bloom? There should be no graphic anomalies that way. [EFFECT] EnableBloom=1 EnableOcclusion=0 EnableReflection=0 EnableMotionBlur=0 EnableWater=0 EnableShadow=0 DepthBias=0 EnableDepthOfField=0 On the other ahnd I must say that in my (rather low end) system, I'm not getting any FPS improvement
  7. Fouga, that screenshot was simply awesome Hello and thanks for the comment. I was in the F-4D Phantom, here is the view from the cockpit.
  8. Dancing in the sky with a MiG-17.
  9. MiG-17 Fresco-A over the Bering Strait, a few seconds after achieving a kill.
  10. There are ruins in the SF2 stock desert terrain. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the file is TEMPLE1.LOD and the texture is LIMESTONE1.BMP.
  11. Well, that guy is definitly much more of a "sycophant" than any of us. I think it's ok to voice your opinion against a product if you don't like it, however critizising and insulting a gaming community just because they like something he dosen't its just plain stupid.
  12. I'm sorry for bumping an old thread but I found the menu file that needs to be replaced, it's SingleMissionScreen.dll . I don't know if changing this dll will have any secondary efects (like flying intercept in the WOV campaigns) so be cautious.
  13. My favorite TW Sim and my only current install is WOE, since I like the cold war scenario of a NATO vs WP conflict and allows me to fly the full set of missions the TW series have to offer (I like WOV alot, but I dislike the fact that you can't fly intercept and anti-ship missions there). It also features Phantom FGR.2, my current favorite version of the F-4.
  14. The efects are still available, as they come in Bunyap's and the MF Weapons Pack, I don't know about the terrain enhancements tough. Brain 32 repaint + Stary's Green Hell 2 is my sugestion for Wings over Vietnam. For WOE get CA_Stary's WOE Autum and/or Winter and for SPF1 get Stary's Desert and Israel2 envoirment upgrade.

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