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Vogesen Terrain version 1.0

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Vogesen Terrain version 1.0




Vogesen terrain is made for TK's sim "First Eagles" only. I have never tested it with SFP1 sim family.





The Vogesen, in french Vosges, are a mountain ridge along the former french german border. It devided the Elsass (Alsace) from Lothringen. The Elsass was german till 1648 , from 1648 to 1871 french and became german again in 1871. When the great war broke out french armies tried to attack from Fortress Belfort in direction of Mühlhausen (Muhlhouse), but had no real success. Also along the hills of the Vogesen mountains the war was hard and bitter. The german soldier fought here on german soil to defend the civilists in the Elsass lowlands, very often only some steps away from the last hills from where you have a beautifull look over the towns and villages.

Very hard were the fights around the hill Hartmannsweilerkopf (Hartmannswillerkopf).


I gave the towns and villages their old german names, to represent the time of the great war. This is not expression of desires of revanche which poissend the relations between germans and french since the french engagement during the 30 years war (1618 - 48). I'm glad that this bitter times are over and today germans and french call friends each other.


Vogesen Terrain is still work in progress. Only the southern part of the terrain is finished.






Version 1.0


1. Vogesen Terrain is now compatible with the Expansion Pack of First Eagles. You will enjoy now the terrain in all 4 seasons. You will face snow in the winter and green in the summer.

If you dont have the expansion pack you should open file vogesen.ini and exchange line





2. I improved the tiling of the terrain. The street network in the Elsass is now much more dense. The River Rhine is now not longer a fragment.


3. I added 2 new german airfields, 2 more Rhine bridges, 2 other bridges, a couple of Castles, 2 chateaus and additional observation ballons (hope i had forgotten nothing). Increased the number of target areas from 78 to 116.


4. I cutted the middle Rhine Valley into the mountains south of Koblenz. This beautifull valley, which is famous for its castles, is still only a fragment. But i enjoyed the fly through this valley very often. With a WWI plane its an relaxe flight. For a funny ride you should take a WWII bird. With full speed in a FW-190, a Spitfire or a Mustang hedgehopping there is a great experience.






1.) unzip all files into your WWI/Terrain folder

(files will be placed in folders Vogesen AND wwiCambrai)

2.) the file "Burgen am Rhein.msn" put into your missions folder


Thats it.






As usual i want to say thank you to all guys who helped me to create Vogesen terrain, to TK, ErikGen, and a lot of others,( sorry guys, at the moment i have forgotten the names. Please contact me if you want to be named at this place.) Thanks for files, suggestions, bug findings etc





Vogesen terrain is freeware. You are free to modify and share it, BUT Commercial use is prohibited.



If you find bugs please post them in StrikeFighters section of Combatace.com forum.



Hope you enjoy it.


Michael (Gepard)


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