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Peter K

Building missions and campaigns

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I'm pretty new to First Eagles, but I say I find it most promising, not least all the aircraft produced by users. And I like the FEEL of flying portrayed in this game. And with a couple of more expansion packs this could go from a good WW1 sim to a GREAT one. :clapping:


I have been using the IL-2 Sturmovik WW2 air simulator a lot - hope that game isn't a four letter word here - and one thing that I miss from that one is the ability to build your own missions and then string them togeteher to form campaigns. The missions and campaigns feel a bit static, or repetitive, once again running into a bunch of SE.5's etc, etc.


Am I wrong here? Is there any way that you can build your own missions and campaigns in First Eagles? (I tried that programme KMD but didn't get far with it.) :dntknw:

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Hello Peter K. Welcome to CombatACE. I'm not a campaign/mission builder but I'm sure someone will come along who is. Meanwhile the tutorials available for the SF/WOV/WOE series apply to First Eagles too. Check the Knowledge Base in the Strike Fighters forum.

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