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Most unfortunate... Back in the 70's we used to have the drag strip to run at on saturday afternoons, but most un-employed teens couldnt afford the $5 entry fee. But after seeing the movie American Graffiti, everyone in my crowd naturally had to go cruising. That of course led to street drags on occassion. Mostly they were imprompto with few or no bystanders; just someone revving at a stoplight, it turns green, and away you go. It would end when one car pulled in front of the other generally or you came up on the next signal light. In retrospect, I think we were fortunate no to get into any accidents. A seventeen year old behind the wheel of a '66 malibu with a 327...thats a lot of horse-power in a heavy all metal car. To my knowledge, street drags have always been around and have always been a part of the culture of the car and growing up. You combine fast cars, teens with egos, and no brains to picture consequences, and tragedy is only a matter of time.

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i don't understand this racing thing...

why?? like... can't you find a real track to race? :\


Well not always. Its one thing to race someone on a lonely stretch of blacktop with no one around, but doing it with people around is stupid and results in things like this. :dntknw:

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