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Long time outta the loop

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WOW!! Just gotta say that. I haven't been playing any 3rd wire gear for a while, but my intrest has peaked. I have popped in every once in a while to see what's happening, but not really paying attention. No wonder i didn't do well in school.

Noticed the new subcategories in the various folders and gotta say it certainly makes navigating the site easier. And look at all these latest generation fighters coming out!

The F-22, WOW! the Typhoon, the JA-39, the F-35, the J-10!

Soon we will have enough fighters to make a Campaign set in the near future.

Just gotta say to everyone who has made this possible, WELL DONE!!!

Now all i need to do is upgrade my slow arse computer to be able to play WoE without getting sore wrists from over correcting my plane due to the jerkiness of my frame rate. Jerkiness?

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This is a great time to be checking back in. WOI is the best, most "complete" sim in the Strike Fighters series. It plays well with or without mods, feels tight and looks great. I personally can't wait to see what TK does over the next five years now that his basic game is so mature and polished. Definately good times ahead for those of us who like this approach to simming!

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