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  1. Hi Guys. I have used shoot for my setup and find that if a command is misunderstood once, then it gafs up the rest of commands. I would like to try VAC. Is there anywhere to DL profile?
  2. Thanks guys, I saved all the DL games exe files onto my HD, I have not got my pc back yet. I have the SF2 installer program, does this automatically do it for you? Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Recently had a GFX card crash and basically ended up having to reinstall windows. But I have everything backed up, (lessons learnt) and I was wondering what order do I need to install the SF2 series and the patches to get to may 2013. Do I need to install previous patches or can I go straight to May 2013? Had a look at the knowledge base but could only find something from 2010. Cheers
  4. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the frame rate? Or am I just dreaming................oh look at the flying pigs.............that was me dreaming. Seriously though I do believe I have set up some higher graphics and got better frame rates. Even when I press next event, there is not the 2-3 second lag anymore.
  5. FC, You say Exp3 isn't dead yet. I would like to agree, but I would appreciate some news or intel about the way the PC version is going. Can't wait for any news
  6. hi guys, I just changed this value, MinPitchFront=-65 I changed it to -55 and I can no longer see the hole. As far as I am concerned, it doesn't affect the cockpit view at all. Thanks guys, and Wrench.
  7. Thanks guys, I think I might modify the cockpit ini. Easiest and most practical way. As soon as I find the values, i'll post 'em. Cheers
  8. Hi guys, I have searched the forums for an answer for tis but could not find it. I have a small rectangular hole in the left side console of the MF F-14 tomcat, when I use my Track IR to look in the bottom left of the cockpit. You can see it next to the plane info Any body else got anf fixed this?? Cheers
  9. All my work gone

    Jono, I feel for you mate. This has happened to me once and I lost a hell of a lot of SF and WoE stuff. THIS SUCKS!!. Good luck with rebuilding mate.
  10. Hi stary, awesome job, people like you are what makes this simulation a lot more interesting. Just wondering if anyone else has floating bits above the smaller trees?
  11. makes me proud to be Australian!!, errr........ you know that she came first, he he.
  12. Yeah, and there is the crux of the problem right there I guess. like I said I still have the old favourites if this begins to, as the post began, annoy me greatly. cheers
  13. Hi Guys, I am not much of a modder, i just like playing the game and although I have found the locking of files concerning for the modders, (and the moderate visual quality of the NA terrain) I personally are not too concerned. The average stock NA terrain was fixed for me by the modded NA terrain by gerwin, (and that is where the concern for modders lies) the addition of a naval task force was a massive plus for me as well and I can still play all the old faves and fly just about any aircraft I want! Do you know what has put me off this game a bit, like Brain said, the constant back and forth and negativity going around. I agree that locking the files is going to piss people off, but just imagine if those files were locked from the start. Complacency is the begining of ignorance. Everyone gets used to seeing it so we assume it will always be there.

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