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Some notes on the upcoming Fokker E.IV's

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Hi guys,


The E.IV's are pretty much done. A little more mapping to do around the engine cowling and they should be right to go. There will be two versions in the release pack: two & three gun types.


The FM will be one that Peter supplied to me a while ago, its a beast (in a good way) - lots of engine torque to deal with :good: . The release skin will be the same as the ones for the E.III, consider them place holders until the skinners get to work.


In fact if skinners want to make a start, use the template that came with my E.III's as the wings/fusleage/empenage etc are all the same. The shroud around the cockpit and the new engine cowl are the only new bits.


I'll do my best to get it finished and up on CombatAce early next week. After that I'm off overseas for a while. :biggrin:



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Hey ya Laton

I have a psd for the EIII finished so it wont take long to add the new bits in :smile:

wish i was headin overseas anytime soon , but still stuck in UK :shout:

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Good news Laton, looking forward as always to your models.


By the way, in your sig, its "FROderick FRONKenstien"... :biggrin:

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