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Patrol boat(nnauchka) and Radardome probs

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Hi, does anyone know of a fix for the patrol boat(nanauchka) and radar dome showing up in CAS missions? The patrol boat shows up on land instead of water and the radardome shows up as well almost all the time. I still want them in-game but not in cas missions. Any fix? thx.

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That's an odd one for Nuchakas...

What map are you using? Does it have shipping routes defined in the movements ini???***

They normally don't show, as they're set as PATROL_BOAT; only 'Cargo_Ship' should show in A-S missions (normally)


the radome fixtures are set as "EW_Radar". Best way to NOT have them show up (and this I KNOW!!) is to set them as terrain objects only -- add them parts directly into the terrain folder, add to targets and types inis, and set them down somewhere as a building




FullName=GCI Control Center
















Something along the lines above. Change name to suit circumstances.

I've found that anything placed in the GO folders, winds up as in CAS and Armed REcon missions (the camonet was the first) FireCans tend to do that too, until fixed in place as terrain objects.



kevin stein


***btw, WoI has NO A-S missions for the Arab side...they'll need fixing later

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