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German Navy F-104G

this is a mod for the original F-104G from Third Wire


included are


Cockpit mod from Batman1978


F-104G Chaff ------------ chaff dispenser

F-104G Flare ------------- flare dispenser

Lau-51 -------------------- rocket pod

TSC ----------------------- twin store carrier (2br)

Matra 250Kg -------------- bomb

Martin Baker Mk GQ7 ---- ejection seat

F-104G -------------------- antennas/ir-sensor/nav-computer


drop tanks and high-res. skins (2048) for GN wings


thanks to third wire for this great aircraft

thanks to Batman1978 for his cockpit mod

thanks to Amokfloo for his help regarding 3dsmax




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Hallo B-25J,

I fly it in WOE only!

But it,s possible to fly in WOV.

Ask the question in the mod section again.

Someone can help you...sure.

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It`S the same, download read the readme and follow instal instructions! If you have still questions pls ask. Addons compatible between SFP1 WOE and WOV, WOI maybe too cause of the latest patches all are patched up to the same level

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