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MiG-21R (NATO "Fishbed-H")

Single-seat tactical reconnaissance version of the MiG-21PFM.


Developed after the Korean War, the MiG-21 very much mirrored the contemporary U.S. designed F-104. It was a lightweight, point defense interceptor that went on to perform a multi-role mission. It still remains in service in both its original build and in remanufactured versions. While not without its faults including poor armament and visibility, limited avionics, and short endurance, it also had many good features. Its small size made it very hard to see in combat, and while it has a high airspeed bleed off in a maneuvering fight, it retains the capability to point its nose at very low airspeeds. At least as important as those virtues, it was easily maintainable; an important factor for the many third world nations that flew it. While used primarily in the air defense role, they have also served in ground attack and reconnaissance missions. It was this last type of aircraft that I decided to model. The MiG-21R carried a centerline pod mounting cameras or Elint equipment and which replaced the 23mm cannon. While carrying this pod it was still able to retain a self defense capability of AA-2 "Atolls" and carry the vital, and ever present, external fuel tanks. Reference sources indicate that at least some MiG-21R's also carried wingtip mounted ECM pods, and Soviet no-export versions even have internal stronger ECM's.






This mod represent Soviet version of MiG-21R without ECM wing pods.(you have internal one's both passive and active - hit "Z" on keyboard to engage).





1. Copy the "MiG-21R" folder to your Strike Fighters\Objects\Aircraft folder.


2. Add weapon entry in Weapondata.ini....(RecPodASO - electronic pod with dispensers - thx a lot MoonJumper)




FullName=Recce Pod w/ ASO-21
























3. Enjoy




Thanx and credits goes to all community - I love you all.


P.S> Special thx for friendship goes to Pasko, MoonJumper, Jimbib and USAFMTL




Note 1: You must have MiG-21 recce pod (RecPod_MiG21) from WeaponsPack_03Jul06


Note 2: In loadout_ini for Atholl's stands R-3S

if you don't use weapon packs - it should stand AA-2 instead


Note 3: External tanks are not "jettisonable"


Note 4: Pit still have rear mirror - I will update fix for that eventualy


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Very good pack :good:

Another step closer to reality :clapping:


You have simply great ideas for adapting existing LODs :yes:

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