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Frontlines Fuel of War: First Patch Released 1.01

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The 1.0.1 patch for Frontlines: Fuel of War has officially been released. As the post says make sure you choose the correct version or you might have to reinstall. Patch notes are also listed below.


We've released a patch to address the issues listed later in this post.


To upgrade to the newest patch, make sure you are picking the correct version of the game.


If you pick the patch for the wrong region you may have to reinstall the entire game!


The patch is available for the following regions:


• North America

• Germany

• Europe (excluding Germany & Russia)

• Russia - not currently available

• Korea

• Australia

• Poland - not currently available

• Czech - not currently available

• Asia Pacific (excluding Australia & Korea)

• Bundled (OEM) & Digital Downloads


NOTE: TryMedia and Steam users must visit the vendor for the appropriate patch. We will leave a few 1.0.0 servers up until they have the patch available.


To download the patch, visit http://www.kaosstudios.com/ffow-patches/

Patch Notes:


• Holding the TAB key will display the scoreboard.

• Server browser will not show servers that are no longer running.

• "ResolveScenePosition" crash fixed.

• Motion blur overload when redeploying fixed.

• Autobalance - first person on a server can now switch teams.

• Player model is no longer visible when ascending steep inclines.

• Parental controls now work. (Windows Vista)

• Using ALT+TAB to minimize game will now function correctly.


As noted in the README file we're also preparing a dedicated server tool and have minimized the size of the server build.


We are in the process of bringing up more 1.0.1 servers and will be monitoring their performance.


This patch does not fix the SecuROM and Vista issues. We are working around the clock to addresses these and we will update you as possible.


Feedback thread here


Download 1.0.1 (72.5 MB) (North America Retail Only, No Digital Downloads)



We will have it available as soon as possible!

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