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Where are victories saved?

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Good evening gentlemen!


I want to edit my current pilot, following my first two campaign missions. I destroyed 17 planes on the ground and therefore was granted the said 17 victories. What bothers me is that my Shahak is full of kill marks whereas I did not meet one ennemy flying. Therefore, I would like to erase those victories of my roster, just to keep AA kills. Is there a way to do so?


Thanks a lot!

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Guest capun

Yup. Quite a while back I uploaded the file hex format for the pilot data. I think it is posted here in the utilities section. Let me see if I can find the name of it


But beware, you need to use a Hex Editor and know what you are doing it. Always back up the original

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Guest capun



Here's the offset, the doc may be part of Charle's SFP1 Editing notes at his site



Variable Offset Example


Kills Add Aircraft, Vehicles,Blds

Kill Ratio Kills/Shotdown

Rank 02h 05h=Colonel

Pilot’s Callsign 04Ch

Score 04h-07h

Service 08Ch

Pilot’s Last name 0CCh

Pilot’s First name 10Ch

Score 14Ch-14Fh

Missions Flown 150h-151h

Missions Success 152h-153h

Campaign Fought 154h-155h

Campaign Won 156h-157h

Flight Hours 158h-159h

Flight Minutes 15Ah-15Bh

Flight Seconds 15Ch-15Dh

Aircraft 15Eh

Vehicles 160h

Shotdown 162h

Buildings 164h

Friendly Fire 166h

Last Type Flown 168h

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It is not completely unreal, that aircraft destoyed on the ground are counted as kills. It was in fact really used. Who knows when and by whom will get a cookie :biggrin:

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