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  1. AFAIK, destruction of hangars and depot and fuel tanks are supposed to have an impact on the other side supply. What this impact is (less missions or planes?) is unknown to me. Also, I think some planes are supposed to be in the hangars, the same way parked ones are counted as lost for the other side.
  2. Some days ago St. Petersburg, today Stockholm

    Religion of Peace everywhere. Don't you like your multiculturalism, migrants and islam?
  3. Yes, but can it battle Martian tripods?

    You guys might want to have a look at the BBC's mockumentary "The Great Martian War".
  4. Found a new bug : mobile comm station doesn't appears. So, attack mission targeting this one can't be completed.
  5. A little love for South African Deltas.
  6. Does anyone have the same issues I have? And so, does anyone have a fix. Nothing is a game killer actually, except perhaps the ground unit thing. I can live with bare-metal angolan MiGs but the lack of sounds for some helos and planes are more disturbing.
  7. New super-mod B.A.T. for Il-2 '46

    I am thinking of re-installing IL2 1946. So this is the new and latest and most complete mod?
  8. New project

    Might be NE Italy. I can figure the fish-like Venice in the north-east. So, Caporetto and Vittorio Veneto! :)
  9. That's perhaps because I used NF5 as a base and you used ODS... Could you post your loadout file for the Fishbed? Also, what's up with the F-14?

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