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EAWEuro Briefing screen problem

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Hi chaps


I have just installed Strike Fighters Gold, applied the service Pack to the latest version followed by the latest patch.


Just wondered if anyone had the same problem? I have installed the "EAWEuro" scenery and 1.6 patch (from http://www.simwarrior.com/sfp1/terrain.html )


When I pick a single mission and go into the Briefing Screen I end up with a black screen! I can see the mouse cursor in the central part of the screen. Pressing the Esc key crashes the sim back to the desktop...


The desert terrain Briefing Screen is OK (as is the Mission map with the EAWEuro terrain selected).


Cheers in advance

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Do you have a 'cat pointer line' in the EAW_Euro.ini?


something like this:













CatFile=..\Desert\Desert.cat <--- this he-aar line???




Without instructions to the game engine as to what terrain cat (ie: catalouge) to use, you'll get lots of blanks and blackness.

IRRC, the original EAW_Euro readme stated something like (paraphrased) 'copy the desert.cat into the EAW_Euro folder and reame "EAWEuro.cat".

That line eliminates copying a 50-odd meg file, thereby saving HD space.


btw, this is covered in the Knowledge Base "Third Party Terrains" thread.



kevin stein

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Thanks for replying Wrench and Allen


I did do the copy, paste and rename of the "desert.cat" file into the EAWEuro folder, I had a quick search on the forums but nothing came up in the 20 or so that I looked at! As I'm brand new to the game, I thought I'd have a quick post to see if the problem had affected anyone else...


Yes it's even before I fly - in fact the flying bit is super (love the 5 different terrains) and I can access the Map screen, just not the Briefing screen. If it's un-fixable then that's cool by me, just it's such a super mod I wanted it to all be tickety boo! :-)



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Ah ha


Just had a look at that link you kindly provided Allen...


There is a line in the "EAWEuro.INI" that points to the file - BriefingText=EAWEuro_briefing.ini


There is no file of that name in the EAWEuro folder! Can the briefing INI file be inside the CAT file as the standard "Desert" folder doesnt have one either?



Edited by GlynD

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Can you navigate to the EAWEuro terrain folder (within your main terrains folder) and see if there is a file called EAWEuro_BRIEFING


If it's there then I don't know what the problem is. If it's not then download the mod I linked to above and copy one of the briefing files over to your EAWEuro terrain folder, change the name to EAWEuro_BRIEFING, and copy in this text:




To=TO: %s %s WG



Base=In direct response to the attacks on West Germany by Warsaw Pact forces, U.S.-led NATO forces are fighting in the region to stabilize the situation and to safeguard the government of West Germany.

FriendlyOffensive1=Elements of the %s are preparing to conduct an offensive to seize strategic objective near %s.

FriendlyOffensiveEnd=%s has halted their recent advance at %s and are consolidating their defensive position.

EnemyCounterOffensive=Intel believes the enemy is preparing for a counter-offensive to recapture %s.

EnemyOffensive1=Intel believes enemy forces are currently transitioning from defensive to offensive posture and expect them to conduct long-range reconnaissance operations into %s.

EnemyOffensive2=Enemy long-range reconnaissance activities have been reported near %s. Intel expects them to launch offensive operations into the area within the next 24 hours.

EnemyOffensive3=Intel reports indicate enemy %s is about to launch an offensive to seize %s.

EnemyOffensiveEnd=The enemy forces have halted their advance and are forming defensive positions near %s.

FriendlyCounterOffensive=Elements of the %s is preparing to launch a counter-offensive to recapture %s.

CAS=%s is tasked with providing close air support to the friendly ground forces.

Default=Your squadron is on station to provide combat air patrol, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance as needed.




FriendlyGround=1st W.German Panzer Div


Then you should be OK. Let us know how you got on.

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Thanks Allen


There was no "EAWEuro_briefing.ini" file in the folder so I downloaded the "Briefing.rar" pack and did one of my own - I like yours better, so I will copy and paste that text into the file that now lives in there...


All is now super tickety boo!!! Back to flying again now a very minor wrinkle has been ironed out :-)


Cheers once again

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