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My way to make terrains

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Okay friends. In the last time i got a lot of questions how i make my terrains. Instead a Tutorial i will show you the development of a terrain in my way, step by step. I know there are other ways and i dont think that my approach is the one and only. But if you want to follow my way you will be soon be able to create your first own terrain.


LESSON 1: Laying the Foundation


Step 1: Basics

The first step of terrain development is to decide to do it. This decision is of major importance. I know a lot of people have a lot of good ideas over which area of this big world they would love to fly and fight, and then they wait that someone else will make a terrain for it.

But be sure, if you want something, then do it yourself. Its better then wait for ages. This was also the way how i came to the terrain building. I wanted to fly over the Sinai and Jordan valley. No terrain was available and no one was interessed into making the terrain, also i builded Israel terrain myself. It began small and it became bigger and bigger and i think it will be a never ending story.

Lets say we want to make a Kashmir terrain.

Now it is to decide which basic game we want to use for the terrain. SFP1, WOV, WOE or WOI.

I choose WOE. It is widely used in the community and we will find some more target objects for placing on the map than in the other games.


Step 2: Tools

What tools i need.

1. TK's Terrain Editor (TE)

2. Cat extraction program (i use SFP1E Extract Utility)

3. a paint program (i use paint shop pro)

4. Windows Notepad editor


Step 3: Terrain folder creation

With Windows explorer i open the folder Wings over Europe/ terrain.

In this folder i create the folder Kashmir

Open the Kashmir folder and create the subfolders backup and tileset.

Later you will see for what they are usefull


Step 4: Filling the Kashmir folder with live

Then i use the SFP1E tool and open the file GermanyCE.CAT.

I extract the files:









This files are now in the GermanyCE folder. Copy them into Kashmir folder. (Not the big GermanyCE.CAT)


Now rename the files into:









Open file Kashmir.ini with notepad editor


and replace


with Kashmir


Change Fullname of the terrain from Germany into Kashmir.


And enter the line:

(for WOE)



(for SFP1)



(For WOV)




Save and close the file


Then copy file Kashmir_DATA.ini into your backup folder. Why, i will tell you later.


Now we have laid the foundation of making the new terrain. You could now start the game. You will find the terrain Kashmir in the single mission screen, but if you start it you will see, that it is still Germany. Could not be different, because we have till now only renamed original files.


The next step will be to play a little bit god and create a new world. But this will be part of LESSON 2. Which will follow soon.

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