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Hello all,perhaps it isn´t the correct forum for this topic,but I´m still learning,sorry!!.Well,I start with my questions,the first one is about online flights,is it possible to fly here with another mates?,and if so,wich games are supported?,I´ve got FS2004 and FX Strike Fighters.The second one is about planes,I really like tanker ones,specially the KC-135,is it possible to download that plane and have it operative as a tanker in an online game?.And as I say tankers,I say special dutty planes too,like naval patrol as the Neptune,the spies like U-2 and SR-71 and so on,have they special keys to do acomplish their missions (like taking terrain pics,refuel another planes,jamming the radars..) or they´re just to fly by?

And my last one,can I find this to fly?? :biggrin:




Thanks all for your patience!!



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