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  1. New guy on the deck

    Thanks all for your kind welcome words and thanks for the nickname change!!.I salute everyone <ºO Well,I´m back again after a time building an airplane kit,my other passion!!,woow,it´s a big one,a 1/72nd scale EC-135c Lokking ´Cool´ Well,I hope I can fly with you someday. Regards. I.Martin
  2. Questions

    Hello all,perhaps it isn´t the correct forum for this topic,but I´m still learning,sorry!!.Well,I start with my questions,the first one is about online flights,is it possible to fly here with another mates?,and if so,wich games are supported?,I´ve got FS2004 and FX Strike Fighters.The second one is about planes,I really like tanker ones,specially the KC-135,is it possible to download that plane and have it operative as a tanker in an online game?.And as I say tankers,I say special dutty planes too,like naval patrol as the Neptune,the spies like U-2 and SR-71 and so on,have they special keys to do acomplish their missions (like taking terrain pics,refuel another planes,jamming the radars..) or they´re just to fly by? And my last one,can I find this to fly?? Thanks all for your patience!! Regards. WetFeet
  3. Strike Fighter Pilot School

    Surprisingly,my brother has become a real combat Ace and flies really good.I was trying to learn while he was playing and found that he returns home with all the air to air weapons,he said he find them boring,a nice dogfigth with guns is better than a cold beer!!.Don´t ask how he splash all of them,perhaps he´s a natural born ´pixel pilot´ Now he´s out for a couple of days,I´ll ask him to put some words here. WetFeet
  4. Putting Bombs on Target! The Devil way!

    Mmmm...I find it like playing piano,so I´ll follow with my ´Stuka´ ride,if the bombs don´t hit the target,my plane will do the work!! WetFeet
  5. scary landing attempt

    That kind of approach only should be done on a computer,in the real life,someone can be hurt,or worse.I think the best choice was to abort and try again later. Woow,scary video... WetFeet
  6. What Did You Have For Dinner

    With a hand in the joystick and the autopilot on,I only can handle some M&Ms!!! Perhaps a chesse pizza can be fine for later. WetFeet!!
  7. New guy on the deck

    Well,my name is I.Martin and bought my Strike Figther copy some days ago and finally I found this forum.I wanted some extra planes to fly and God,a TOMCAT!!,now I´m really happy!! My favourite planes are the NAVY/MARINES planes,those birds flying between the earth and the sea and landing over a coin. I´m new and have some questions,so please be patient One of them is if I can fly online games here and the second one,for now,is if I can change my nick name,I made a mistake and wrote WEETFEET instead WETFEET Thanks all and regards!! I.Martin

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