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Unmaned Mig´s - The last resort

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At the end of the 80s, more specifically the July 4, 1989, was one of the more unusual, if not bizarre, episodes of the long list of incidents between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.


After the ejection of its pilot, a Soviet Mig-23 based in Poland continues its flight, across the entire territory of the then GDR And penetrating into NATO airspace.


Already, aware by direct information by soviet air traffic controllers, a pair of F-15 from Bittburg intercepted the pilotless aggressor, confirming the unusual data received. Verified the aircraft undangerness, unmanned and without arms, the pilots of the F-15 have chosen not to shot down the unit, for fear of provoking its collapse in inhabited areas and trusting that his route would lead to the disappearance at sea.


This however would not happen, and Mig would even crash in Belgium, already without fuel, after over five countries (Poland, GDR, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium), taking the life to the single occupant of the house where crashed.


The Mig-23 aircraft was one of dubious quality, and this episode almost grotesque (not to be the fact that he died a person and could be even give it that adjective) was the swan song of an aircraft decadent, Like the regime that on November 9 of that year know the beginning of the end with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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I remember reading the soviet pilot ejected at take-off because he thought the plane was about to explode or something.

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I remember a similar Hungarian MiG-23 story, when the pilot was unable to control he's plane, and used the ejection seat. but the aircraft returned have straight, after fly as far as the fuel was...


My memoy have somthing about the early autopilots or a alt & way stabilizator sistems...





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