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  1. Vympel R-37 AAM

  2. M270 MLRS

  3. Would Be COOL What its project status ? beta release?
  4. Hey Guys ! Can we play the game like gunner(with moveable gunsight), and can we play in multiplayer mission in same Aircraft , like player 1=Pilot and Player 2=Pilot2(or gunner, operator)???????????? vulkan
  5. MADNESS : I was install SFG after long times (now Win 7), patced with latest 2008 oct Tw patch,and try to my tweak, but doesnot work... I was try modyfi FLIGHTENGINE.ini on another PC running Win XP, and savd a Pendrive , and try to change in my PC(WIN7) , but NOTHING CHANGED otherhand on the another XP-PC it's work well.... I was try some another trick with notepad : ANSI unicode , etc but nothing work Madness!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ! vulkan
  6. Oh, I need booth of us (birds)
  7. Long long times I was waiting for a BLACKBIRD And now it's close to FLY vulkan
  8. Hi guys I'm back here long time ago... Ask any Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA maybe work progress ??? vulkan
  9. Anybody work on Mirage G, Milan, F2, 4000 ? vulkan
  10. Multiplayer speak softwares

    THANK YOU ! We will try some
  11. Multiplayer speak softwares

    I would like easyly speak with headsets in multiplayer mode, at my home between different rooms !(we have a router) -Must we use Teamspeek and servers, or what way ? -Maybe sharing phone connection... -Other (older) communication softwares like Teamspeek aviable... vulkan
  12. Ladies and Gentlemans ! I was apologize since yesterday on Weapon anti Weapon( both of categories Real & Fictional/what if) -Missile anti missile: -SAM anti onboard Missile(air to air) -AtoAMissile anti AtoAMissile ( I was read somthing maybe B-1B have, Fictional Airvolf have) -ICBM anti AtoAMissile ( now in test phase in USAF) -ICBM anti Surface to Air Missile (USA and Soviet have, like Patriot) -Missile and UAV anti Gun : - on ships, carriers - maybe aviable shoot down to missiles etc... with aircraft's gun Have a nice day ! vulkan

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