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Voisin Decal help

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Looking for info on insignia for the French Voisin units

specifically the early Voisins (3, 4, 5)


got a few photo's but not much variety (and no colour)


any help would be appreciated :yes:



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Here's what I found among 8Gb of pdf-s...

Though I bet, you've seen most of it













Russian one post-21726-1205140634_thumb.jpg

Looks like V3 too post-21726-1205140876_thumb.jpg


Did yoy say Voisin 4? That one's got a cannon on it! :crazy:


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all still a little way off I'm afraid (but getting steadily closer)

Voisin4 (canon) is unstarted but "shouldn't" be tooo big a convert....


Thanks Gr.Viper

got some of those but not all

seems they were fairly unadorned, which is surprising given other French aircraft

Maybe its because they were earlier, or just not as photogenic :dntknw:

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I looked through English and Russian materials... since it's a French plane after all (and hardly used by Brits or Americans) it might be a good idea to ask about it at check-six French forums.


Oh... looked through my links collection (got to update library soon-ish). Check out this one.


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thanks guys

that sites real nice Sinbad (good descriptions)


I think (maybe :wink: ) I've exhausted the net...(famous last words)


So i was just checking if anyone had any nice book references before i got to carried away with the skin/decaling


I think it was christian59 who mentioned THE book on escadrille insignia a while ago

I've been coveting it for a while but cant really justify the price for a book that i'm too dumb to read :blush:



Checksix may be a good idea, how are they with dense anglish ?


thanks again

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