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F-4ES Super Phantom II

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F-4ES Super Phantom II

F-4ES Super Phantom II

This is a representation of the Super Phantom being worked on at the end of the Phantom era. It was an attempt to extend the life of this jet, but was scrapped because of the F-14 Tomcat becoming operational.




1. This mod is an addon jet, known as the F-4ES. I used Jennifer's F-4E IDF and Marc Silva's F-4E 2000 data files, adding some of the latest mods such as open canopy and landing lights.


2. NationName is changed back to USAF.


3. Chaff/Flares/Jammer added. Note that F-4Es delivered to Israel before the Yom Kippur War did not have countermeasures installed. During the War, replacement F-4Es from US stocks came with their ECM equipment. Some IDF Phantoms were also upgraded during the conflict.


4. The skin the base USAF camo skin is the stock SFP1 skin. It takes any F-4E skin.


5. Canopy fix by "The Wrench".


6. Uprated J79-GE-10B engines, which also featured improvements to eliminate the tendency of the J79 to leave behind a dirty smoke trail, which had proven a liability in combat.


7. Loading and Loadout screens were done by Doghouse.


8. The Loadout file is the one done by SuperCharger and Doghouse as the coop mod used in multiplay. It uses stock weapons and is totally Multiplay safe.

However, this addon jet is not unless the other players have it as well.


9: The landing lights mod by dfang and Russo has been included and is already installed.


10: New radar includes a terrain avoidance radar as well.


11 This aircraft takes a little longer to load up in the game. Be patient, it's well worth the extra few seconds.


12 Please don't credit me with this aircraft. I've done nothing but to have taken all the various mods and work of others, put it all together and repackaged the product. If you want to credit anyone, credit those I've mentioned above. And to those of you who I've neglected to mention, please accept my apologies, it wasn't intentional. Also, anyone wanting to mod this work further go right ahead. Don't bother asking permission because it's already given. I give this jet to the SFP1/WOV/WOE/WOI cmmunity to play with and have fun, it now belongs to you.


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Nice one Doghouse!




As you say, any F-4E skin will fit so here is my RAF Super Phantom II in the markings of No. 20 squadron, RAF Germany, 1979.

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