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The Brainless Guide to why your game’s not working.

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Hi guys. I read here recently that you were in the process of updating the Knowledge Base and Guides, which is eminently a very good idea. This has prompted this post by me. As you know I’m pretty incompetent when it comes to computer stuff and often have problems not so much with the detailed things which are mostly well documented in the READMEs but with the simple silly things like forgetting to implement something properly. This is what could be called ‘doing a Brainless’


With this in mind I wondered if it was worth starting a Brainless Guide to the simple things which someone didn’t do properly or forgot about and then found the game or mod didn’t work. Now I find you can start looking to do all manner of things, which in the end don’t help solve the problem, when all that's required is a simple line added to an ini.file, saving something like the gundata or weapondata properly etc. etc.


With this in mind does anyone think such a guide would be worthwhile?


I’m thinking this would start something like the list below which could be adapted/edited as appropriate to refer to first before more detailed corrections to a particular problem are looked into or made.


This list could be made into a ‘sticky’ and then added to over time by members who encounter problems and then post the resolution.

Now I don’t know if this would be useful or not and I know you guys are far better at this stuff than I am and maybe this isn’t needed but I thought it worth posting the idea.


Here’s an example of what I mean.


The Brainless Guide to why your game/mod doesn’t work.


1.Problem:- my guns don’t fire.

Answer:- you didn’t update/save the gundata in the gundata file.


2.Problem:- my object doesn’t show up

Answer:- The XXXX _DATA.ini was’t in the Configuration file.


3.Problem :- My weapons/gundata file won’t open.

Answer:- They need enabling in the Data Execution Preventer.


You get the idea yes? Simple things common to the sim series but they can cause you a hell of a lot of problems!


There may of course be more than one answer and this can be listed as appropriate.


If you think this would be useful post here and the ‘admins ‘ will no doubt do the necessary.


If you’ve done this type of mistake don’t feel bad. I do it all the time. It’s called ‘doing a Brainless’!! :biggrin:

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