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MD-450 Ouragan Cockpit

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MD-450 Ouragan Cockpit

A Cockpit mod of the Thirdwire Scooter's cockpit, to create the Israeli-modified Dassault MD-450 Ouragan cockpit (airframe No. 151 and later) for use in Column 5's and Pasko's incredible MD-450 Ouragan.


Referenced from a MD-450 manual and photographs.


Instruments and placards moved, eliminated and repainted.


Individual instruments and placards in either French or English, as they were historically.


Yes, Those are actual radios in the instrument panel...


It includes a lead computing gunsight as per Wikipedia.


Israeli Ouragans entered combat on 12 April 1956 and shot down five Vampires. They also flew in combat with the Indian and El Salvador airforces.


Mod by Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway, Uploaded with the kind permission of David (Zur) Zurawsk, Capun and Charles. Thanks also to Frank Safrenek and Michel Gerard of Mirage Aircraft of Flightsimulator.com and to Thinus Pretorius for their invaluable numerous pics and emails about the Mystere IVA and MD-450 Ouragan cockpits and images.




Complete credits and history in readme.




1-Backup your files!


2- Unzip the MD-450 Ouragan cockpit file, MD-450.ini and MD-450_cockpit.ini to ...SFP1ObjectsAircraftMD-450


3-When prompted, overwrite the files.





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