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  1. Klu 311 Sqn

  2. Just to get you in the mood......... Hou doe, Derk
  3. Sorry to have bothered you with a couple of minor things, Please forget it. Aju, Derk
  4. OK, once more, different vieuwpoints.... Aju, Derk
  5. Hi Ansons, In the light of some posting going on elsewhere about nitpicking an whining, I hereby apologize fot bothering you about such a minor point as mosques, Sorry !! Derk
  6. Thanks Rovert, stupid, never found put about that...... Hou doe, Derk
  7. AMEN Ansons, lots of oil drums replaced by churches....... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took a while to find the church lod + bmp though. Found it in Battle of Britain terrain in the end, looking quite decent and maybe even of Viking ancestry.... Thanks a lot, Hou doe, Derk
  8. Hmmmm...don't give me ideas... "Strike a stragetic target in Curacao. Destroy the enemy Golf Course Clubhouse" AFTER the nineteenth hole please ....... Hou doe, Derk
  9. Thought it was Curacao with a really big golfcourse in the foreground....... :blush2: Aju, Derk

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